1) a short, quick blast or emission of air, smoke, vapor, etc
2) a small emission of vapor, smoke, etc
3) the sound of an emission of vapor, smoke, etc
4) cvb an act of inhaling and exhaling, as on a cigarette or pipe; whiff
5) an inflated or distended part of a thing; swelling; protuberance
6) coo a ball of light pastry baked and filled with whipped cream, jam, etc
7) clo a portion of material gathered and held down at the edges but left full in the middle, as on a sleeve
8) clo a cylindrical roll of hair
9) clo tex a quilted bed covering, usu. filled with down
10) a commendation, esp. an exaggerated one, of a book, an actor's performance, etc
11) clo
powder puff
12) cvb a ball or pad of soft material
13) to blow with short, quick blasts, as the wind
14) to be emitted in a puff
15) to emit a puff or puffs of air; breathe quick and hard
16) to emit puffs of vapor or smoke
17) to go or move with puffing or puffs:
The train puffed into the station[/ex]
18) to take puffs at a cigar, cigarette, etc
19) to become inflated or distended (usu. fol. by up)
20) to send forth (air, vapor, etc.) in short, quick blasts
21) to drive or impel by puffing, or with a short, quick blast
22) to smoke (a cigar, cigarette, etc.)
23) to inflate or distend, esp. with air
24) cvb to make fluffy; fluff (often fol. by up):
to puff up a pillow[/ex]
25) to inflate with pride, vanity, etc. (often fol. by up):
Their applause puffed him up[/ex]
26) to praise unduly
27) clo to arrange in puffs, as the hair
Etymology: 1175–1225; (v.) ME puffen (cf. MD puffen, LG pof, puf); (n.) ME puf, puffe; of imit. orig. puff′y, adj. puff•i•er, puff•i•est. puff′i•ly, adv. puff′i•ness, n.

From formal English to slang. 2014.

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